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منتجات رائجة

TD series Single Stage Vertical pipeline centrifugal pump

منتجات رائجة
  • Suction Port : DN 32-250 mm
  • Discharge Port :DN32-250 mm
  • Flow/capacity:8-630m3/h(35-2770GPM)
  • Head/Pressure :9-85m
  • Power range: 2.2-132kw(3 -180HP)
الدردشة الآن الاستفسار الآن أضف إلى قائمتي المفضلة تحميل الكتالوج
  • Single Stage In Line Centrifugal Pump.Inlet and Outlet are horizontal with top side pulled out structure.Can be repaired without removing the pipelines.
  • Easy replacement in existing systems, Easy to install Sturdy structure, requires minimum space. Single stage in-line type, driven by a TEFC standard motor, top pull out design for fast and easy maintenance.
  • This series of products are designed for the top can be pulled out of the pipeline structure, general maintenance can not remove the pipeline. The pump series adopts removable mechanical seal, so it is unnecessary to remove the motor to replace the mechanical seal.
  • TD vertical pipeline pump is a vertical structure, with the same inlet and outlet diameters, and located on the same central line. It can be installed in the pipeline like a valve. It has compact and beautiful appearance, small floor area and low construction investment. If the protective cover is added, it can be used outdoors.
  • TD vertical pipeline pump is used to transport clean water and other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to clear water.
  • تفاصيل المنتج
  • معلمة المنتج 50 هرتز
  • معلمة المنتج 60 هرتز
  • أشرطة فيديو
  • سؤال وجواب
TD series of pump is single-stage inline centrifugal pumps equipped with standard motor and mechanical seal. Pump body is equal to a section of pipeline; pump casing is of cast iron and impeller is SS 304 or CI construction. Pump is suitable for transfer and pressure boosting of high volume of water.